Activity Status

Huntley Park District uses a platform called Rainout Line to communicate changes in programming due to weather. This is particularly important to outdoor sports programming, Stingray Bay activities, special events, and even Emergency Communications. You can simply search for “Rainout Line” in the app store of your mobile device. Once downloaded you can follow the directions to find Huntley Park District, setup up app alerts, and you can even setup text and/or email alerts to your favorite activities. All sports changes due to weather will be communicated here exclusively. For those that prefer to call a weather hotline, an updated message is also generated through the system any time a status changes. You can call (847) 580-1275 to hear the current status. You can also go to the main Huntley Park District Rainout Line Page to add things like text and/or email alerts as well.  Clicking on this link from your mobile phone should prompt your device to download the app.

Lightning Warning System and Weather Station

Huntley Park District has uses a lightning warning system at Stingray Bay/Deicke Park, Tomaso Sports Park, and the Public Works Soccer Fields. This system warns of actual lightning strikes within a 10-mile radius of the park. When lightning is detected, you will hear a 15-second blast and strobe lights will begin to flash on the unit at the park. When this occurs, ALL outdoor activities should cease, and all persons should seek shelter in a permanent building or vehicle immediately. Activities may only be resumed once the system has indicated the “all clear” with three – 5 second horn blasts and the strobe lights will stop flashing. There is a minimum period of 30 minutes if the system goes into alarm before it will be all clear. You can visually see the lightning and the current "countdown timer" as conditions change.  Each time a lightning strike happens within a 10-mile radius, the timer will reset to 30 minutes.

The Huntley Park District also has its own weather station located in the center of Deicke Park/Stingray Bay/Warring Park.  This temperature, "feels like" reading (wind chill/heat index), and wind speed and direction are displayed as well.

Deicke Park

Tomaso Sports Park

Public Works Soccer Field

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