Adult Sports

The Huntley Park District offers a variety of sports throughout the year including leagues and clubs. Whether it's to get back in the competitive spirit or to simply enjoy some some social exercise, we've got a sport for you! 


Adult Stroke Clinic

Have you ever thought of using swimming as an exercise, but lacked the necessary stroke techniques to move through the water efficiently? Or, are you a swimmer looking to improve your strokes, turns, and starts? Our Adult Stroke Clinic coaches swimmers on proper technique and teaches drills to enhance one's swimming skills. After each clinic meeting, swimmers will be allowed 15 minutes to put their skills into action in our lap lanes. This program is great for triathletes, swimmers, and people looking to add swimming into their exercise regimen. 


Join us for some fun, socialization and lite breakfast. Bingo will be held the first Tuesday of each month in the REC Center Theater. Bingo cards are provided, no bingo dobber needed and donations are accepted at the door. Doors open at 9:00a and bingo games are called from 9:30 – 11:00a. 


Huntley Senior Citizens Club

Huntley Senior Citizens have been “on the go” for over 35 years and have over 150 members! A meeting and luncheon is held monthly. Huntley Senior Citizens volunteer in the community and sponsor some Huntley Park District senior activities and events. Currently there is a wait list for membership.

For additional information please contact Evelyn Likens at (847) 659-1588. 

Age: 50+ 

Annual Membership: $10