Ordinances of the Huntley Park District

Who are Residents of the Huntley Park District?

You are a resident of the Huntley Park District if you pay taxes to the district and reside in our boundaries. A utility bill will constitute proof of residency.

Importance of Registering Early

The Huntley Park District staff must set registration deadlines for a variety of programs. Registration deadlines are created due to the time frame it takes for staff to organize, order equipment, form rosters, and create schedules. Popular programs do fill up quickly and space is limited. For programs that do not state a registration deadline, please realize for all programs to run efficiently, registration must take place one week prior to the beginning of the first class/program date. If a patron registers after the deadline or the program is filled prior to the deadline, they will be put onto a waiting list. Being enrolled on a waitlist does not guarantee eventual enrollment. Waitlists are taken up until one week before the program begins. Please make an effort to register early.

Facility Rental

The Huntley Park District has picnic shelters and rooms available for rent. Please call 847-669-3180 ext. 301 and speak with the Facility Manager for more information.


Photos are periodically taken of participants in class, special events and at Huntley Park District’s parks and facilities. Please be aware that these photos are for Huntley Park District use only and may be used in the District’s publications, website and marketing.


The Huntley Park District is looking for creative ideas in programming. Please email any suggestions to info@huntleyparks.org.

Lost Items

Personal items brought to the Huntley Park District are the responsibility of the individual. If something becomes lost, please check with the registration desk staff.

Conduct/Participant Guidelines

Participants are expected to exhibit appropriate behavior at all times. 

  • Show respect to all participants and staff.
  • Refrain from use of foul language.
  • Show respect for equipment and facilities.
  • Dress appropriately for activities.


The Huntley Park District will use a positive approach regarding discipline. The Huntley Park District reserves the right to dismiss a participant. Each situation will be evaluated on its own merit.
The purpose of discipline is to help a child develop self-control and learn to assume responsibility for his or her own actions. We use positive statements and reinforcements to redirect negative behavior. Should a child need more than that, a “time-out” period may be initiated.
We will handle disruptive behavior as follows:

  • The parent/guardian will be informed of the specific behavior. A memo will be given to the parent and a copy will be kept in the child’s file.
  • If the behavior continues, the instructor will inform parents a second time.
  • If there is no change in behavior, your child will be dismissed from the class/program; a refund will be issued for the remaining class days. Each situation will be evaluated on its own merit.

Disruptive behavior is defined as any behavior that causes, or could lead to, personal injury of your child or others. Examples: hitting, kicking, throwing things, defying or running away, or any behavior that disrupts the normal class climate. Disruptive behavior, in the broad sense, is any behavior that takes an instructor away from the rest of the class for long periods of time. The Huntley Park District reserves the right to remove a participant whose behavior endangers the safety of themselves and others.

ATVs, Scooters, Bikes & All Motorized Vehicles

The use of motorized vehicles in Huntley Park District parks is strictly prohibited. No ATVs, dirt bikes or electric scooters are allowed in the Huntley Park District parks. Please be aware that the use of such vehicles inside the parks will result in the police being notified and action taken. These vehicles disrupt the community and cause damage to our parks. We would like to keep our parks beautiful and peaceful and to maintain an atmosphere of relaxation for our guests. We appreciate your cooperation.