Teen dances are for 5th-8th graders from the surrounding communities who want to get together with their friends and have a fun night out! Dances feature a DJ for dancing, giveaways, and concessions. Each dance has a designated age range-so be on the lookout for your dances this year!



Important Dance Information

  • Pre-registration is required for all participants! 
  • Registration at the door is not currently permitted.
  • This is an outdoor event, weather permitting.
  • We are only accepting registration forms from parents/guardians. Parents will not be allowed to register participants that are not in their household. Individuals carpooling must all be registered.  Those not pre-registered will be turned away and it will be the responsibility of the adult dropping off to supervise them.
  • Pre-registration is required for the following reasons:
    • In order to provide an environment that is safe, manageable, and fun, event participation limits, and pre-registration is essential.
    • It provides staff with the proper information and resources to obtain an appropriate number of prizes and other supplies for the event with little waste.
    • Pre-registration provides a mechanism for staff to know who is attending and who to contact should any emergencies arise.

Teen Dance Rules

  • Pre-Registration is required for admission to dances. 
  • Individuals using the restrooms should be prompt and will otherwise be escorted back to the dance area.  Participants will not be able to linger indoors more than necessary.
  • Appropriate attire is required (school dress code). This includes but is not limited to: no visible bra straps, skirts must be no shorter than the tips of fingers with arms at the side, shorts that are too short, and inappropriate words/symbols/pictures on any article of clothing.
  • No Weapons Allowed.
  • Violence of any kind is not tolerated and is subject to immediate dismissal
  • No rough-housing
  • No running in the dance area, concession area, and indoors.
  • No foul language
  • Please keep dancing appropriate, no grinding, twerking, and/or violent dancing.

Children who do not follow rules may be removed from the dance pending parent pick-up. Parents must be accessible via phone during the event.

Teen Dance Drop-off/Pick-up Procedures (Diagram - click here)


  • Please enter the Deicke Park/Warrington Park campus via Main St. and Lois Ln. (Stingray Bay entrance) and approach the REC Center.  
  • Pull up to the REC Center main entrance and allow the line to form west along Lois Ln.  Staff may direct cars into lots to stack the line as necessary.
  • Pull as far forward as possible as a courtesy to the cars behind you and the safety of the teen/child.
  • Please wait for a staff person to check in your child(ren) before leaving.
  • Parents are not permitted to enter past the check-in point.
  • Pre-registration is required for this event, those who do not pre-register should not attend and will be refused entrance.


  • Children are not released until 9:00p. For Any emergency pickups that need to be done prior, a parent must park and speak to staff.
  • After 9:00p – All pickup will be done curbside.  Line up in front of the REC Center and participants will be escorted and supervised to the pickup location along that sidewalk.  Similar to Middle School pick-up, when your child(ren) sees their vehicle they can be picked up.
  • Similar to drop-off, cars will move in a continuous loop through the lot. Please do not block traffic or park in this loop.
  • When you have picked up your child/party, please carefully exit the pickup lane of traffic into the thru lane of traffic (similar to an airport drop-off situation)
  • Please be patient as children identify their rides and load into the cars. 


  • In the event that weather becomes inclement during an outdoor Teen Dance, children will be moved into the gymnasium and surrounding hallways to shelter in place.  The dance will be canceled or temporarily suspended depending upon weather conditions. 
  • Should the dance be canceled, parents should be prepared to pick up immediately. 
  • Every reasonable attempt will be made to make a decision about the weather before the event to avoid this sort of disruption.
  • Should the status of the event change due to weather we will communicate this in two ways.  1) Via email to all pre-registered guests and 2) via Rainout Line.