Registration is required for entry**

Teen dances are for 5th-8th graders from the surrounding communities who want to get together with their friends and have a fun night out! Dances feature a DJ for dancing, giveaways and concessions. Each dance has a designated age range-so be on the look out for your dances this year!

Important Dance Information

  • Early registration is encouraged of all participants! Registration is available online or in person until 5:00p the day of the dance.
  • Registration will be accepted at the door with the presence of the participant’s parent or guardian. Parents/guardians registering at the door can expect long lines and a higher fee.
  • We are only accepting registration forms from parents/guardians. Parents will not be allowed to register participants that are not in their household. Individuals carpooling are encouraged to register ahead of time. We will not accept registration on another parent's behalf.‚Äč

Teen Dance Rules

  • Registration is required for admission to dances. 
  • Appropriate attire is required (school dress code). This includes but is not limited to: no visible bra straps, skirts must be no shorter than the tips of fingers with arms at side, shorts that are too short, inappropriate words/symbols/pictures on any article of clothing.
  • No Weapons Allowed.
  • Violence of any kind is not tolerated and is subject to immediate dismissal
  • No rough-housing
  • No running in the dance area, concession area, and connecting hallways,
  • No foul language
  • Please keep dancing appropriate, no grinding, twerking and/or violent dancing.

Children who do not follow rules may be removed from the dance pending parent pick up. We encourage parents to have their cell phones on them.

Teen Dance Procedures

Determine a meeting location for the end of the dance with your child to ensure a smooth pick-up!


  • Please drive south along the outer perimeter of the REC Center parking lot and circle back north towards main entrance.
  • Pull as far forward as possible as a courtesy to the cars behind you and the safety of the teen/child.
  • Parents will not be allowed beyond the front lobby of the dance
  • Registration is required for this event, those who do not preregister must escort their child in to fill out a registration form and pay the increased fee.


  • Before 8:45p – Parent must park and enter lobby to sign their child out with a staff member. Participants are not allowed to leave the building for the duration of the dance.
  • After 8:45p – Park in the lot and wait in or by your car. The lobby of the Rec Center will be reserved for outward flow of traffic for participants.
  • Contact your Child/Teen by cell phone (if possible) or meet at a predetermined spot.
  • Similar to drop off, cars will move in a continuous loop around the perimeter of the Rec Center parking lot. Please do not block traffic or park in this loop.
  • Attendees will be coming out in crowds. In order to maintain crowd control, we advise a meeting location that is not the lobby of the Rec Center.