- Safety and Vandalism Reporting - 



If you specifically have witnessed any acts of vandalism, provide as much information as you can. Vandals that are caught will be required to make restitution to the park district.

During the summer months vandalism tends to rise in parks and playgrounds in many communities, and unfortunately, Huntley is not immune to this trend.  Recently there was significant vandalism at Borhart Park and Weiss Park.  When vandalism happens, we encourage the community to report any vandalism (after the fact) to the Huntley Park District at (847) 669-3180 or at info@huntleyparks.org.  You can also report it through direct messenger on Facebook.  If there is an active vandalism situation, please call 911.

The individuals involved in the Weiss Park vandalism (minors under the age of 18) were positively identified by the police through surveillance cameras and the District will seek damages associated with the costs of repairing these park amenities.  In different vandalism incidents, the responsible parties had damages paid back to the district in excess of $5,000.

Vandalism to our parks and playgrounds will not be tolerated and the District will take every necessary legal action to recoup any damages associated with such behavior.  Vandalism in our parks takes up countless labor hours to fix or repair, it costs money to replace equipment, and it may cause certain amenities such as bathrooms to be closed for periods of time. 

There is a strong trend of unaccompanied minors that tend to cause this damage, and we encourage parents to talk with their children about the impact that has on the community and the legal repercussions that could be associated with this behavior.  Please help us keep our parks beautiful, functional, and safe.

Safety Concerns

If you should notice any problems with safety at our parks, playgrounds or facilities please report them. Our goal is to provide the safest possible recreation opportunities that we can.

Email info@huntleyparks.org with your safety concerns.