The Huntley Park District was founded in April of 1965. Edwin Deicke, Lima Tessendorf, Edward Piske, Michael Kiley, and Irv Wasserstrass served as the first Board of Commissioners. The first meetings were held at the Deicke residence, now known as Sun Valley Farm located on West Main Street.

The main founders of the park district were Mr. Edwin Deicke and his wife Lois. They donated $35,000 to purchase part of Donahoe’s Woods on the West side of Route #47. Mr. Deicke served as one of the first Board members and remained an honoree Commissioner until his death in 1994. Mrs. Deicke passed away on December 31, 1999. 

Edwin Deicke donated 28 acres of land on Route #47 and has been named Deicke Park.

In the late 1920’s the Huntley Boy Scouts constructed a log cabin in Donahoe’s Woods. At that time there were no roads into the woods. Logs were dragged to the cabin by horses and a Ford Model-T truck. The cabin, now reconstructed stands proudly in Deicke Park.

Sun Valley Farm was purchased by the Park District with the aid of a Department of Natural Resources grant. The 62 acres surrounding the Sun Valley Farm has been named Betsey Warrington Park. Betsey was the park district’s first Recreation Director serving for 21 years now retired and living in northern Minnesota.

The Huntley Park District has developed a Recreation Path Conceptual Plan. The district and the Village of Huntley created an ordinance requiring developers to make allowance for pathways through new subdivisions.

In 2002 the park district’s Stingray Bay Family Aquatic Center opened featuring a zero depth simulated beach entry, 2 water slides, 2 tot slides, rain drop water feature, 3 floatable animal features , a large sand play area, and Ray’s Café concessions.

In June of 2003 the Huntley Park District purchased Pinecrest Golf Course and in April 2005 the Cosman Cultural REC Center was completed accommodating the park district’s offices and a theater that seats 288 people.