For the enjoyment of all park users the following rules and regulations have been established for all Huntley Park District parks, playgrounds, open spaces, and sports field locations:

  1. Weapons or traps are prohibited
  2. Use of fireworks are prohibited
  3. Damage of equipment, plants, or any other district property is prohibited
  4. Use of district property for the operation of a business is prohibited without a permit
  5. Offering articles for sale without a permit is prohibited
  6. Advertising is prohibited without a permit
  7. Use of all flying devices (including drones) in public parks is prohibited
  8. Vehicles are prohibited from entering park property with the exception of paved roads and designated parking areas.  Parking on grass is prohibited unless otherwise posted.
  9. Guests may not enter Park District property where a sign or notice is posted indicating that it is closed.
  10. Disorderly conduct is prohibited
  11. Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited unless otherwise posted and permitted.  No person shall enter park district property intoxicated.
  12. No person shall interfere with the duties of a Park District employee when engaged in any work or improvement or supervision of work upon Park District Property.
  13. No person shall call or hold a public meeting without a permit
  14. No person shall kill, wound, or attempt to trap any animal
  15. Parks are open from dawn to dusk unless otherwise posted
  16. All animals shall be on a leash in our parks.  Owners must cleanup any waste created by their pets.  No vicious or dangerous animal shall be permitted on Park District Property.
  17. Littering is prohibited
  18. Cooking fires are restricted to grills provided by the district
  19. Speeding is prohibited above the posted speed limits
  20. Groups or individuals must be permitted to use the park for any organized activities.  Proof of insurance and indemnity to the Park District is also required.
  21. Penalties – Violation of park ordinances may result fines as established by the Village of Huntley.
  22. Fishing in district ponds is strictly catch and release.  All applicable state license laws apply.
  23. No swimming or boating
  24. No amplified music
  25. Run or jog on designated trails
  26. Do not use equipment improperly when wet
  27. All state & village laws apply in parks

​For a complete listing of all Park District Ordinances please click here.