Phone: 847-669-3180
Fax: 847-669-2836
Executive Director 
Ext. 350
Finance/Human Resources
Phone: 847-669-3180
Fax: 847-515-3209
Finance Director
Ext. 412
HR & Risk Manager
Ext. 413
Accounting Manager
Ext. 414
Registration Supervisor
Ext. 301
Phone: 847-669-3180
Scott Crowe, CPRE Recreation Director Ext. 310
Matt Szytz, MBA, CPRP Recreation and Marketing Manager (Fitness, Aquatics, Marketing) Ext. 311
Joe Patterson, CPRP Recreation Manager (Sports and Events) Ext. 318
Erin Upshaw, CPRP Recreation Manager (Youth and Early Childhood) Ext. 317
Connie Lombard Preschool Director Ext. 314
Meredith Johnson Recreation Supervisor (Events, Contractual) Ext. 313
Stephanie Scott Recreation and Aquatics Supervisor (Aquatics, Theater, Cheer) Ext. 352
Parks and Facilities
Phone: 847-669-3180
Fax: 847-669-9395
Parks & Facilities Director
Ext. 356
Facilities Manager
Ext. 320
Pinecrest Golf Club & Restaurant
Phone: 847-669-1400
Fax: 847-669-3846
General Manager/PGA Professional
Ext. 215
Craig Franke, PGA Director of Instruction Ext. 225
Scott Bigney, ACF Executive Chef Ext. 214
Golf Operations Manager
Ext. 210
Superintendent of Grounds
Ext. 219
Maddie Pearson Food and Beverage Manager Ext. 226

CPSI = Certified Playground Safety Inspector
CPRP = Certified Park and Recreation Professional
CPRE = Certified Park and Recreation Executive
PGA = Professional Golfers' Association Professional
ACF = American Culinary Federation Certification
GCSAA = Golf Course Superintendent Association Class A Member