2023-2024 Beyond the Bell
Registration is Currently Ongoing

Kindergarten - 5th Grade

Weekly registration must be completed by Wednesday, 12:00p, the week prior to your child's attendance. 

Huntley Park District offers the Beyond the Bell Before and After School program (formerly Extended Time Program) at School District 158 school locations. Beyond the Bell (BtB) is a quality supervised recreation program offered at the elementary schools to children who are enrolled in Kindergarten through 5th grade and currently attending D158 schools in person. Activities include homework time, gym games, outdoor play, sports, arts and crafts, and more.  An afternoon snack and drink are provided daily.  This program is not licensed or regulated by DCFS, and is recognized as a license-exempt program.  Beyond the Bell is available for the days specifically listed and changing days of the week regularly is not an option.  Spaces may be limited.  

Fall  registration will begin on the second Wednesday in May.  Registrations will be accepted until the second Wednesday in August at which point a temporary freeze on registrations will occur so Park District staff can communicate details of attendees to the school to coordinate the transfer of care before and after school.  Once school begins, and pending any remaining available spots, registration will open back up.  Once school begins and registration reopens, each week, any registrations that are done by Noon on Wednesday, will be reviewed and you will be able to join the program on Monday of the following week.  

The Beyond the Bell Program will take place at five school locations in School District 158 including Leggee, Chesak, Martin, Mackeben, and Conley elementary schools.  Please register for the AM and/or PM times at the school your child attends in person.

The program does not meet on regular school holidays.  Please see our school days out information for child care options on days when children are not in school.  In addition, if school is cancelled for snow, Beyond the Bell is also cancelled and the day will be included as a make-up at the end of the school year.  Should there be a late start called for any school, morning BtB will be cancelled.


Fee and Registration Information

Weekly registration must be completed by Wednesday, the week prior to your child's start date.

Upon registration, you will be charged for the first month of the program, moving forward charges will be made on the 15th of each month, $50 of your initial payment is non-refundable.

All registrants will be charged monthly for their participation for the upcoming month. Fees are monthly and based on 174 days of school, divided into 9 convenient payments.  All registrations REQUIRE an automatic payment method on file such as Debit Card, Credit Card, or ACH. If you wish to pay in person, a monthly payment method is still needed to complete your initial registration, but if you choose to pre-pay this each month, you may do so by the 10th of the month in person, and we will not charge your payment method on file that month. (Please indicate this to the staff person that is processing each month).  You MUST still have a valid automatic payment method on file.

Fees for the Beyond the Bell Program are as follows:

Monthly Fees 2023-2024 School Year

  5-Day M/W/F T/TH Times
K-5 AM $237 $158 $129 6:30a-8:30a
K-5 PM $304 $201 $146 3:25p-6:00p
*AM Martin $182 $121 $88 6:30a-8:00a
*PM Martin $359 $237 $170 3:00p-6:00p

Daily Fees 2023-2024 School Year

Custom AM PM
$14 $16

* Fees at Martin vary due to the bell times being different than other buildings.  Total morning/afternoon fees are the same.

Beyond the Bell is available for the days specifically listed and changing days of the week regularly is not available.

Important Documents and ePact Portal

ePACT is a tool used by organizations and families to securely collect reliable and up-to-date information for all its members that can be accessed easily in cases of emergencies, big or small. This ensures better preparedness for all members of this organization. The Huntley Park District will be using ePact to gather medical information, emergency contact and alternate pick-up people, program sign-in/out and more! You will receive this at the time of registration in your email confirmation.  Our staff will follow-up as necessary to ensure that this information is completed.  Visit the ePact for Families page for more information, training videos, etc.  You will also find all medication, allergy, and asthma action forms on ePact.

Login to your ePact Portal here.  You will received this information via email within one day of your registration.  If you do not, please check your spam then call our office.

If your child has needs such as medication, asthma, or allergies (food or otherwise) please login to ePact and you will find the following forms which must be filled out for our staff to be informed and to provide appropriate care:  Permission to Dispense Medication Form, Food Allergy Action Plan Form, and the Asthma Action Form.

Here is a list of other documents and important information associated with this activity:

2023-2024 Parent Handbook
Code of Conduct and Discipline

Drop Off and Pick-up Procedures
Program Info and Reminders

This site will serve as the hub for all details about the program.

Contact Information

If you need to contact staff in regards to the program, below is a list of important numbers for your convenience.  For questions regarding billing or registration changes please contact the Main Office.  For questions regarding program availability or other challenges you were not able to work out at each location, please contact the Program Manager.  For all questions or concerns about day to day activities, behaviors, lost items, and daily procedures please speak with the Onsite Supervisor.  If you have questions or concerns beyond the Onsite Supervisor, if you have general questions about the program, or questions about availability of the program, please contact the Program Manager.  For any questions related to registration or billing please contact the Main Office.  For time-sensitive matters please call, do not email, as email is not always checked in real-time.

Huntley Park District Contact Information

Location Phone Number Email
Mackeben BtB Onsite Supervisor (847) 514-2894 Email
Conley BtB Onsite Supervisor (847) 514-1332 Email
Chesak BtB Onsite Supervisor (847) 652-0426 Email
Martin BtB Onsite Supervisor (847) 343-1330 Email
Leggee BtB Onsite Supervisor (847) 514-6612 Email
BtB Program Manager (224) 650-6920 Email
Main Office (847) 669-3180 x 1 Email

The onsite numbers and emails listed above will not be active until the first day of the program


The Beyond the Bell program will take place at all five School District 158 Elementary Schools.  The program is no longer being offered to Middle School.

  • Square Barn Road Campus - Mackeben Elementary School (K-2) and Conley Elementary School (3-5)
  • Reed Road Campus - Chesak Elementary School (K-2) and Martin Elementary School (3-5)
  • Harmony Road Campus - Leggee Elementary School (K-5)

Program Availability

The Beyond the Bell Program is available on school days when children attend school in person.  In the event that school is cancelled, such as a snow day, the Beyond the Bell Program will also be cancelled.  When the school makes up the snow day, our program will also be made-up on that day.  In the event that school has a late start, morning BtB will be cancelled that day.

The program does not meet on 
regular school holidays.  Please see our school days out information for child care options on days when children are not in school. 

Food Information

Participants should plan to bring a water bottle each day.  An afternoon snack will be provided for those who are in the program in the afternoon.  No sharing of food is allowed.

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