Grow, Learn & Play

Enrollment for the 2022-23 school year is now open!


Seedlings Preschool is a premier provider of preschool serving areas of McHenry and Kane Counties for over 35 years!  Our Preschool is committed to providing a safe environment with developmentally appropriate experiences for children ages 3-5. Our activities address the social, physical, cognitive, emotional, language development, and self-help needs of young children.  With the support of amazing Park District facilities, parks, and amenities there is so much for your children to explore!

Play is the work of a child. Meaningful play encourages curiosity, discovery, and problem-solving. In our classrooms, you will find busy, happy, and sometimes noisy children engaged in math, literacy, science, art, music, and small motor activities. Our school uses the Letter People program, a puppet-based program, with all classes to help children learn the alphabet and letter sounds. As the children work and play, our college-educated teachers focus on the individual growth and self-esteem of each child.

Seedlings Preschool offers 7 classrooms, a large motor room, and a large fenced-in playground dedicated to the preschool program. Our preschool wing remains securely locked during school hours. Each classroom has a bathroom with a child-size toilet and sink. Our playground has a drinking fountain, swings, slides, a climbing wall, a sandbox, an in-ground trampoline, and more!

Throughout the year, children and staff participate in fire, tornado, and stranger danger drills. The staff is certified in CPR and first aid and participates in monthly safety training. The safety of your child is very important to us. We are a peanut-restricted school and will address other allergies and dietary concerns on an independent basis.

Your child’s first early learning experiences should be joyful and our staff is qualified, motivated, and looking forward to providing your child with a great experience in preschool.  Come grow with us at Seedlings Preschool!  If you have any further questions about Seedlings Preschool, please contact the Preschool Director at (847) 669-0597.

2022-2023 School Year

Registration for Huntley Park District Seedlings Preschool is currently open.  If you are interested in joining our current school year, please contact our Preschool Director for more information about availability and a tour.


Children must be the appropriate age for the program by the program start date and be potty-trained.

Class Sessions

  • Morning: 9:00 - 11:30a
  • Afternoon: 12:15 - 2:45p
  • Night Owl:  6:00 - 7:30p
  • Classrooms open: 8:55a , 12:10p, and 6:55p

NOTE: In case of inclement weather, Huntley Park District daytime classes follow School District #158 cancellations. Impacts to the program due to weather can be found on our weather update page/app.  Please view it from a mobile device and feel free to download the app and follow the "Emergency Announcements" Channel.  



You must provide a snack and water daily for your child.

2022-2023 Monthly Fees

2 days/week: $177 / $197

3 days/week: $200 / $220

4 days/week: $230 / $250

Night Owl: $108 / $128

SIBLINGS RECEIVE A 10% DISCOUNT ON FEES and will be applied automatically when applying online.

Preschool Enrollment/Payment Procedures

To process registration, we must have:

  1. A completed registration form (or online registration), proof of residency (something with your address, such as a utility bill, driver's license, etc.) if you have not previously registered with the Huntley Park District.
  2. A photocopy of the child's birth certificate and current immunization records will be due before the start of the school year.  These can be dropped off at the REC Center to the attention of the Preschool Director or emailed.
  3. At the time of registration there is a $75 non-refundable registration fee, in addition to the first month's payment.  From time to time promotional opportunities may be available which could reduce this cost.
  4. Preschool fees will be charged from a credit, debit, or ACH account on the 15th of each month.  Payments are charged for the upcoming month.  For example, the September 15 payment covers the month of October.  All preschool registrations required an automatic payment method.  Fees and charges are based on the total number of school days divided into 9 even monthly payments for your convenience.  Fees also take into account several snow days each year which are not made up.
  5. If you wish to pay by check or cash, you still must have a valid automatic payment method on file, but you can pre-pay in person at the Huntley Park District before the 15th of each month to avoid the charge.
  6. Fees for the month of September are paid at the time of initial registration.
  7. Your payments and the credit card on file must be kept current. If not kept current, your child will not be able to attend preschool until fees are paid.
  8. Any payments that are declined or returned may be assessed a $25 fee.
  9. All receipts are available to print at any time through your household account at

Important Info and Forms

Items below are available for current 2022-2023 school year participants.  Items 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 apply also to incoming Fall 2022 students and can be completed after registration.  Please also check your registration emailed receipt for important information.

For the 2022-2023 School Year please review the Health and Safety Rules we have put in place during the pandemic.

2022-23 Documents Coming Soon

  1. Participant Information Form
  2. Participant Daily Self-Assessment Form
  3. Preschool Supply List 2022-23
  4. Seedlings Preschool Parent Handbook 2022-23
  5. State of Illinois Certificate of Health Form
  6. Permission to Dispense Medication Form
  7. Asthma Action Plan
  8. Food Allergy Action Plan
  9. Event and Celebration List 2022-23

Non-Attendance Days and Weather Info

When School District 158 cancels in-person school due to weather, Seedlings Preschool will also be closed for the day.  For 2021, even when snow days are declared "Remote Learning Days," preschool will still be canceled.  If you hear that D158 is canceled we will be canceled.  We will also post our decision to have Preschool Classes on any given day on our website by 7:30a for morning classes and 4:00p for Night Owl classes.  You can find this information by clicking on the "Weather Icon" at the top of the page and the status will be listed there.  You can also download the Rainout Line App on your mobile device for updates.  From the app, you can even set up text and/or app notifications on your phone, specific to Seedlings Preschool.

In addition, any planned non-attendance days for K-5 grades at D158 will also be non-attendance days for Seedlings Preschool.  For 2021 those dates are 2/11, 2/12, 2/15, 3/11, and 3/29-4/2.  Due to the changing of the school schedule so far this school year, any future changes will be updated and communicated to families as they occur.

Snow days that are not made up are considered when determining program fees.  Refunds are not issued for snow days.

3-Year-old Preschool

Seedlings 3-Year-old Preschool class is the best place for children to learn and explore in a safe and fun way.  Activities include music, art, and large motor activities including recess time on our playground or in the indoor large motor area.  Socialization and play are both part of early learning fun for three-year-olds.  Our “Letter People Program,” a puppet-based program, helps introduce the letters.

4-Year-old Preschool

Seedlings Preschool classes for 4-year-olds will expand on skills developed in 3-year-old preschool.  Participating in our phonics/letter program will help the children not only recognize letters but learn the sounds of each letter.  Children will work on writing their names and participate in hands-on math activities.  Students will work on school readiness skills such as listening and following directions.  Play-based learning is part of the program along with large motor fun in the gym or in our secure Preschool playground.

Mixed-Age Preschool

This class will offer all the areas of learning and fun as our regular preschool classes while allowing students to interact with their younger or older peers in unique ways.  Multi-age Preschool provides older children the opportunity to learn leadership skills as they help the younger children and set examples for them.  Younger children will learn problem-solving skills as they work with older children.  Work groups in this class can be smaller as they work on certain skills such as letter activities.

Dual Language Preschool

The Seedlings Preschool Dual Language class is a unique class that offers all the areas of learning and fun as our Multi-age Preschool Class while providing an age-appropriate introduction to Spanish.  Teachers are fluent in both English and Spanish.

Night Owl Preschool

Seedlings Night Owl Preschool is perfect for the child who is unable to attend a daytime class.  To be respectful of learning time and bedtime, snacks are not usually served and large motor activity time will be condensed.  School readiness skills, along with developmentally appropriate art, music, and story time are a part of each class.

Lunch Bunch

Lunch Bunch is an extra fee program. A monthly calendar, giving the themes and dates for each session, is sent home each month. Registration is handled at the front desk. The cost of each session is $11 for residents and $13 for non-residents unless stated otherwise. Children bring their own lunch unless it is stated differently on the calendar.  This program is temporarily unavailable for the Winter/Spring 2021 school year and it will reopen when pandemic conditions improve and restrictions on this activity are removed.