Spring 2024 - Stingray Bay Shade Kits/Cantilevers

Equipment Ordered.

Spring 2024 - Stingray Bay Slide Tower Repainting

Project started April 2024.

Spring 2024 - Cottontail Park Playground Renovations

Cottontail Park was built in 1998 and is located in the Southwind subdivision, located north of Reed Road between Haligus and Lakewood. This park is designed for children ages 2-12.

  • April 15: Fence off playground with equipment.
  • April 18: Removal of playground by Kids Around the World. 
  • Week of 4/22 removal of EWF by Park District staff.
  • Week of 4/29: Installation of Burke equipment
  • Week of 5/6: Concrete Curbing
  • Week of 5/13: Site Restoration and Park District adds fabric and EWF.

2024 - Weiss Park Playground and Park Renovations

Weiss Park was built in 2001 and is located in the Southwind subdivision, located north of Reed Road between Haligus and Lakewood. This park is designed for children ages 2-5 and 5-12 (dependent on playground zone).

 Starting late Summer or Early Fall

This project includes the following:

  • Updated Playground

  • Paved Walking Trails

  • Pollinator Garden

  • Resurfaced Basketball Court

  • Updated Backstop Fencing

  • Skate Park Updates

129-165354-2_2_MC_WeissPark 129-165354-2_1_MC_WeissPark




2024 - Theater HVAC Unit Replacement

Completed March 2024 by H.R. Stewart

2024 - REC Center Masonry & Tuckpointing

Completed March 2024 by Safeway Tuckpointing.

2024 - Pinecrest Flooring Updates

Completed March 2024.
Pinecrest banquet area wood flooring replaced, completed by Incredible Builders Inc.
Banquet area carpeting replaced, completed by Murphy's Flooring.
Pro Shop flooring to be updated.

2024 - REC Center Security Updates

Completed February 2024.
REC Center security system updated, completed by ADS.

2023 - Kiley Park Playground and Park Renovation

Completed November 2023 

Playground was constructed in 2002 which includes a 2–5year-old and a 5-12 year-old playground. The park includes a ball field, a basketball court, walking trail, and a shelter.

The staff plan as part of this renovation to update the playground, baseball backstop, basketball court, and update any accessibility issues with the park.


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2023 - Pinecrest & Tomaso Sports Park Security Updates

Completed November 2023.
Cameras added to Pinecrest Kitchen and Pro Shop, completed by ADS.
Security updates performed at Tomaso Sports Park, completed by ADS.

2023 - Gymnasium Boiler Replacement

Completed July 2023.
Full boilers system replacement for gymnasium completed by H.R. Stewart.

2023 - Preschool Roof Replacement

Completed September 2023.
The final section of the REC Center roof was completed by Weather Guard.

2023 - REC Center Lobby RTU Replacement

Completed in January 2024.
REC Center Lobby completed by Cahill.
Pinecrest Unit #2, Unit #4, Pro Shop & Kitchen completed by Cahill.

2023 - Deicke Park Hill Slide Replacement

Project on hold until 202

2023 - Pinecrest Gaming Room Buildout

Completed June 2023.
Electrical work completed by O'Connor Electric. Partition buildout completed by Rieke Interiors.

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2023 - Stingray Bay Pool Basin Repainted

Completed May 2023 - Pool vessel painting completed by Oosterbaan.
Completed October 2023 - Play structure painting completed by Oosterbaan.


2023 - Stingray Bay Small Pump Room VSD

Completed September 2023.
Upgrade to variable speed drive completed by Thompson Hopps & HELM.

2022 - Stingray Bay Playground Replacement and Microphone System Enhancement

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2022 - REC Center Roof Replacement Section A and B

Details coming soon.

2022 - Fitness Center Elliptical Machine Replacements

Details coming soon.