The Board of Commissioners approved the 2023 Parks & Recreation Strategic Master Plan in June 2023, which provides direction shaped by the community to guide Huntley

 Park District facility and program development for ten years. In March 2022, the Board of Commissioners approved an update noting the progress made and provides detail for the remaining five years of the plan.

The process for the updated plan began in May 2022 with revisions to the inventory and analysis of park and open space assets, indoor facilities, and community demographic makeup. Staff, stakeholders, the Park Board of Commissioners, and the community then shared their opinions about the District’s parks, facilities, programs, and needs.

Learn more about the 2023 Huntley Park District Strategic Master Plan



2023 - Kiley Park Playground and Park Renovation

Playground was constructed in 2002 which includes a 2–5year-old and a 5-12 year-old playground. The park includes a ball field, a basketball court, walking trail, and a shelter.

The staff plan as part of this renovation to update the playground, baseball backstop, basketball court, and update any accessibility issues with the park.

Project start: Week of Sept 11. This will include playground renovations and address accessibility.

  • Ball diamond backstop installation is now complete.
  • Construction fencing will be installed around Kiley Park the week of September 4.
  • Playground construction is now complete.


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2023 - Gymnasium Boiler Replacement

Updates and information coming soon.

2023 - Preschool Roof Replacement

Updates and information coming soon.

Fall 2023 - REC Center Lobby RTU Replacement

Updates and information coming soon.

Fall 2023 - Deicke Park Hill Slide Replacement

Updates and information coming soon.

2024 - Weiss Park Playground and Park Renovations

Updates and information coming soon.

2024 - Theater HVAC Unit Replacement

Updates and information coming soon.



2023 - Pinecrest Gaming Room Buildout

Details coming soon.


2023 - Stingray Bay Pool Basin Repainted

Details coming soon.

2023 - Stingray Bay Small Pump Room VSD

Details coming soon.

2022 - Stingray Bay Playground Replacement and Microphone System Enhancement

Details coming soon.

2022 - REC Center Roof Replacement Section A and B

Details coming soon.

2022 - Fitness Center Elliptical Machine Replacements

Details coming soon.