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Personal Training provides the method to begin or enhance your personal fitness program. Let our personal trainers inspire you to achieve your personal fitness goals with their knowledge, support and motivation. Out personal trainers all have certifications from the highly recognized certifying organizations in the fitness industry and are also CPR/AED certified.

Age: 16+

Sessions    Member/Non-Member

        1               $50/$70
       6               $270/$320
      12               $510/$585
      18               $720/$810


Power Training is for the busy individual. These sessions provide you with 30 minutes of 1-on-1 personal training followed by 30 minutes of cardio in the fitness center.

Age: 16+

Sessions    Member/Non-Member

        1               $25/$30
       6               $135/$170
      12               $255/$330
      18               $360/$470


Need that one person to help keep you motivated at the gym? Why not enjoy working with a personal trainer and getting fit with a friend or family member! Parent-child training is a very popular option too! Each session is 60 minutes. Rates listed below are per pair.
Age: 13+
Sessions  Member | Member/Non-Member | Non-Member

       1               $78                  $94                             $104 
       3             $222                 $266                            $300
       6             $420                $504                            $560


If you enjoy working out with friends or family members, our personal training staff can help develop a program that you can do together! Each session lasts one hour. Individual fitness assessments will be performed for each member of the group. Rates listed below are per person, Member/Non-Member. 

Ages: 16+

Sessions             Members       Non-Members

3-sessions                $85                       $115
6-sessions               $130                      $150


This body composition analysis will help you kick start your aerobic and muscular conditioning. Our certified personal trainers will conduct tests and measurements to identify your body complex and guide you to maintaining a healthier lifestyle!
Age: 16+

Assessment: $15
Re-Assessment: $10


Kids ages 10-12 years old can become members of the fitness center* by completing an hour long fitness session. The session will provide an overview of proper safety guidelines of the fitness center, injury prevention, proper warm-up and cool-down techniques, machine usage and basic health topics. 
*Must be accompanied by an individual 18 years or older.

To schedule a session and get your child ready for some fitness fun, please contact Fitness & Marketing Manager, Matt Szytz at (847)669-3180 ext. 311 or by email.

Course & 1-month fitness center membership: $45