Join our organized youth basketball league that grows with your child. Each year players are introduced to new rules and pieces of the game to ensure success and aid in the development of all players in the league.

Volunteer coaches are needed at every level


Registration Deadlines

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade Boys & Girls: REGISTRATION DEADLINE - Monday, November 6th

3rd - 6th Grade Boys & Girls: REGISTRATION DEADLINE - Monday, October 9th

7th and 8th Grade Boys & Girls: REGISTRATION DEADLINE - Monday, November 6th


Player Evaluations

(Highly recommended for: Girls 3rd – 6th Grade & Boys 4th-6th Grade)

While attending player evaluations are not required, coaches utilize player evaluation results to help determine teams on draft day. If a player misses an evaluation day, they will be randomly assigned to a team on draft day. Player evaluations are NOT considered tryouts.

  Sunday, October 15   Monday, October 16
 3rd & 4th Grade Girls* 12:00p OR 5:30p
 4th Grade Boys* 1:00p OR 6:30p
5th & 6th Grade Girls* 2:00p OR 7:30p
5th & 6th Grade Boys* 3:00p OR 8:30p

*All players (Girls 3rd - 6th grade & Boys  4th - 6th grade) must attend only one of the player evaluation days.

All Player evaluations will take place at the Rec Center Gymnasium (12015 Mill Street Huntley 60142)
Players will run through basic basketball drills and end with a scrimmage. Evaluations should last between 30-45 minutes per group depending on the size of the group.


Coaches Draft

Wednesday, October 18

All Head and Assistant Coaches must attend the draft.

3rd & 4th Grade Girls 6:30p
4th Grade Boys 6:30p
5th & 6th Grade Boys 7:30p
5th & 6th Grade Girls 7:30p


Friend Request Priority in the Draft
Friend requests are not guaranteed.
Friend requests will be considered in the following order on draft day:
1.) Head Coach Friend Requests
2.) Assistant Coach Friend Requests
3.) Remaining players selected by teams in the draft order


7th & 8th Grade
Coming Soon...



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General Info

League Rules
1st/2nd Grade
3rd Grade Boys & 3rd/4th Grade Girls
4th Grade Boys

5th/6th Grade Boys & Girls
7th/8th Grade Boys & Girls
"Rules Quick Sheet"


The Kindergarten League is a great introduction to the sport of basketball. All meetings will take place on Saturdays. The first 2 meetings will be dedicated entirely to skill development. After that each meeting will have skill development along with a scrimmage with another team in the program with coaches acting as the referees. 

1st & 2nd Grade

Players will play with lower rims (8 ft.) and use a smaller basketball (Junior) promote confidence and success with every participant. Learning the basic skills of basketball, teamwork and fun are the focus for this program.

3rd & 4th Grade

Grades will be split by boys and girls. 3rd/4th Grade Girls will play at 9 ft. rims, while 4th Grade Boys will play at 10 ft. rims. Grades will be split by boys and girls. A Junior Size (27.5”) ball will be used. More game rules are enforced during scrimmages so the kids can get a better understanding of the game rules to help prepare them for older divisions. Basics skills, rules of the game, teamwork and fun are the focus for this program.

5th - 8th Grade

Grades will be split by boys and girls. This program uses 10 ft rims and a Intermediate 28.5 size or official size (7th/8th Boys only) basketball and will have little restrictions when playing the game. Further skill development to help players succeed with the sport and fun will be the focus of this program.