September 1 - September 30


Drop-in to ANY Group Exercise
class for only 

What is it?

The Huntley Step-tember Challenge is a month-long step challenge for the community of Huntley, designed to promote daily health and wellness! Do you walk everyday? Are you walking as you read this? If so, you could be stepping towards a prize! Simply register for this FREE event and if you're the step leader of your category at the end of the month you'll win!

Who is this for?

Everyone and everyone! Categories break down as follows:

  • ​Men
    • Adult (Ages 25-54)
    • Senior (Ages 55+)
    • Students (Ages 13-24)
    • Youth (Ages 10-12)
  • Women
    • Adult (Ages 25-54)
    • Senior (Ages 55+)
    • Students (Ages 13-24)
    • Youth (Ages 10-12)​

​​What can I win?

The winner from each category, both men and women, will win a 1-year Ultimate Fitness Membership to the Huntley Park District. This membership gives you access to the Fitness Center, Group Exercise Membership Classes, Fitness On Demand, and the Gymnasium. This pass also give discounts on Group Exercise Registration Classes and Personal Training packages.

Winners will be contacted and announced on October 1. 

How do I track my steps?

Did you know if you have an android or iPhone your can track your steps without any work? Simply download or open the Google Fit (Android) or Health (iPhone) app and you can look to see how many steps you currently have. You can even look at your history log to see how many steps you've had in the past? If you're not interested in using a smartphone or personal tracker, we allow personal pedometers to show daily steps. The HPD Fitness Center will have pedometers to rent for use in the Fitness Center, Group Exercise Classes, or around the parks. Renters just need to leave a set of keys or ID with Fitness Staff to ensure the pedometers are returned.

In order to count your steps for the challenge you need to show your log/phone/personal tracker to a Fitness Attendant at the Huntley Park District Fitness Center or email a screen shot of your log to our 
Fitness Manager in order for us to count steps taken.

When are my steps eligible for the challenge?

Steps taken between September 1 and September 30 are counted towards the challenge. You may check your steps log in to the Fitness staff at any point up until the deadline: September 30 at 9:00 pm. Steps can be entered into the database at any point during the month of September, prior to the deadline, which includes backtracking (i.e. you could come in to show your steps to Fitness Staff on 9/15 for steps taken 9/1-9/15).

Steps cannot and will not be entered into the database after the deadline.

What are ways I can count my steps?

  • Utilize various equipment in the Fitness Center (including our NEW Stairmaster!).
  • Take Group Exercise Classes (see below)
  • Walk around Huntley's beautiful parks and paths!
  • Go for a walk in your neighborhood
  • And there are many, many other places you can get out and walk!