This professionally designed program brochure is circulated to over 20,000 households
in the greater Huntley Area. Each mailing occurs in concert with a strategically orchestrated media campaign to ensure maximum visibility.

This partnership offers a low cost marketing tool for businesses with a unique set of attributes unmatched by alternative advertising avenues:

Reach & Scope

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer “Recreation for Generations,” thus targeting a
wide demographic of residents.

Success of Our Brand

There is a strong positive connotation with the core values of the Park District based on our 
reputation for enhancing the overall quality of life within the community.


Each issue is eagerly anticipated and retained in homes for several months as an often referenced resource in the family’s command center. Participation will ensure that your business remains in view of the decision makers of the household until the release of the
next brochure.

Commitment to the Community

By partnering with us, we are able to position your business as one that is invested in the
success of the community and willing to give back.

The Huntley Park District Program Brochure offers an exclusive opportunity to promote your business within the community. Please find our ad specifications, policy, publishing schedule and pricing enclosed. In addition to our standard single brochure pricing, we off a one time annual rate at a substantial discount to those who commit to participation in each of our three brochures.

For more information, please contact our Recreation Director.