Sled Hill Information

The Huntley Park District has two designated sled hills. Aside from the two hills listed here, no other hills are maintained for sledding. 

​Sled Hill Guidelines

  • Sled hill are permitted for sledding seasonally. The sled hills will be prepared by Park District staff and will open upon the first snowfall of the season and will close March 15, or when snow has melted for the season.
  • Sled hills are available for use from dusk to dawn, while in season.
  • Always follow guidelines located on signs at each sled hill.
  • Danger: Use sled hill at own risk.
  • Users assume full responsibility for determining if conditions are safe for sledding.
  • Parents are responsible for children. No supervision is provided.
  • Sledding is only permitted in designated areas and on the side of the hills designated for sledding.
  • Sledding is a hazardous activity and presents substantial risk.



Ice Rink Information

The Huntley Park District Parks Department will maintain the rink as long as weather conditions allow. Should there be a heavy snowfall, the Parks Department would prioritize snow removal over preparing the ice rink, but would have the rink ready within a day or two depending upon conditions. There are two restrooms near the rink that may be used by the public and the REC Center will be available, when open, as well.

Residents can check the status of the rink and it's current availability here

  • Ice Rink is located at the Deicke Park pond, east of the REC Center.
  • The pond located south of the REC Center is NOT permitted for ice skating.
  • The Ice Rink is permitted for sledding seasonally and will open once Huntley Park District Parks staff deems the rink safe enough for ice skating. The Huntley Park District will announce when the ice rink has closed for the season via it's weather page.
  • Signage stating whether the ice rink is "open" or "closed" is posted on site and should be followed.
  • The Huntley Park District Parks Department will maintain the rink for safety and usage.
  • Residents must bring their own ice skates.