From time to time activities must be cancelled due to low enrollment, change of availability from instructor, or many other reasons. In the event an activity session is cancelled by the Huntley Park District you will receive a full refund of any fees paid.  Fees established for certain programs that are impacted by weather account for the possibility of cancellations without make-ups and fees are not refunded in these cases.  Every reasonable attempt will be made to reschedule when possible. 

If customers request a refund, general activity refunds, less a service charge of $10, will be made if a written request is received at least seven days before the start of the activity or next scheduled bill.  After that, refunds can only be given for medical reasons, and may be prorated. When the Park District reschedules or cancels an activity due to insufficient registration, full refunds will be given. Refunds will be returned to the original method of payment or the refund may be applied as a household credit for future enrollments. Other pre-registration fees/deposits for day camp, preschool, ET are non-refundable.

Please contact our office at (847) 669-3180 x.1 if you need to cancel a class.  If you believe you meet the criteria for a refund, our front desk staff will direct you to the program supervisor.  To request a refund please fill out this form and submit it to


If you are unsure of your Activity and/or Section number please look at your emailed receipt or find it in our brochure. (Ex: 3352008-01)

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Submitting a medical note prior to activity start date will waive the $10 administration fee.

All refunds must be requested by completing a refund request form. No requests will be accepted verbally. By completing a refund request form does not ensure that you will receive a refund. No refunds will be made after a program has started except in the case of participant’s illness. A written documentation from a physician must accompany the refund request form. Refund may be pro-rated if approved. There will be a $10 administration fee per activity that a refund is requested on form submitted prior to the program start date. Summer camp $25 deposit fees are non-refundable. 2 week notice is required to have remainder fees removed or refunded. All cancellations are subject to circumstance review and manager approval.