Classes are taught by instructors of the Illinois Shotokan Karate Club under the direction of John DiPasquale, four-time National Champion, U.S. Karate National Coach, and National Champion, U.S. Karate National Coach, and National Faculty Member of ACEP (American Coaching Effectiveness Program). Karate programs offered include:


Pre-Karate Safety

Young children will develop agility, strength and coordination skills through fun and creative activities. This program, specifically designed to work with growing minds and bodies, enhances memory and agility skills, too. Watch your child blossom while learning karate and having a blast at the same time!


Youth/Adult Karate

Karate builds coordination, agility, strength and poise, as well as establishes lasting personal safety skills. The mental aspect of karate is equal to if not greater than the physical. Practicing this art results in increased self-esteem, in addition to enhancing discipline and control. From work to home, the benefits of karate can be felt in all aspects of life.
Age: 8+

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