Miss Illinois International Visits Seedlings Preschool


On Tuesday, May 11, The Huntley Park District was visited by Miss Illinois International, Deepa Dhillon. A Huntley-native and graduate of Seedlings Preschool, Miss Illinois International spent some time reading stories to current Seedlings preschoolers. As she walked the halls for the first time since graduating from Seedlings Preschool 14 years ago, Dhillon couldn't help but reminisce about her time with the Huntley Park District, "I loved my experience with Seedlings Preschool," she explained, "the teachers were my favorite part; they made the day fun!"


The children were read multiple stories revolving around the topic of water and its importance. Dhillon's personal platform "World for Water," works towards raising awareness of the Global Water Crisis. She has partnered with water.org, an organization led by co-founder Matt Damon, dedicated to bringing water to the world in a safe, accessible, and cost-effective manner. "I want to educate as many people as I can on the Global Water Crisis and encourage them to take action," stated Dhillon. You can hear her share more of her views on the world water crisis by listening to her podcast "Drops of Change" on YouTube.


In addition to being named Miss Illinois International, Deepa Dhillon currently studies biology and chemistry on a pre-med track at the University of Illinois Chicago. Her goal is to begin medical school following graduation. She will carry her Miss Illinois International title into competition once again on July 30 & 31 in Kingsport, Tennessee, as she competes for the chance to be Miss International 2021.


Seedlings Preschool is a premiere provider of preschool serving areas of McHenry and Kane Counties for over 35 years!  Our Preschool is committed to providing a safe environment with developmentally appropriate experiences for children ages 3-5. Our activities address the social, physical, cognitive, emotional, language development and self-help needs of young children.  With the support of amazing Park District facilities, parks, and amenities there is so much for your children to explore!

Registration for 2021-2022 preschool is now available.

For more information on Seedlings Preschool, visit our website www.huntleyparks.org/preschool
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