Huntley Park District deploys new weather alert system


This fall a group of volunteer sports coaches was invited to beta test a new weather alert app which the Huntley Park District will now be using.  This weather app, known as the "Rainout Line" (soon to be renamed by its provider as "Statusfy"), will consolidate four other weather notification platforms that were previously in use.  As staff make changes to the status of an activity, this change will update our website, update the app, and update a phone hotline at the push of a button!  For participants who wish to still call a phone "hotline" they may do so by calling (847) 580-1275 and they can listen to the menu for updates.

Users can simply go to, search "Huntley Parks" and select Huntley Park District.  From here you can either bookmark the url for future reference or download the free app from your mobile device's app store (most mobile phones prompt you automatically when going to the site - view this article on your mobile phone for added convenience).

Seasonally the "channels" will be updated so only active programs are visible and are updated.  You may choose certain ones as your favorite to be alerted, sign up for text alerts, or just passively check your app or our website to get updates.

In response to the coach feedback, Manager of Athletics and Fitness, Ryan Coffland said "They were very excited about this change.  They recognized that this will significantly improve communication between themselves and their teams and allow them to get real-time information as soon as the coach does." 

The weather app will be the exclusive place to find weather updates/cancellations on Emergency Closings, Sports activities, Stingray Bay, Special Events, and more!

To check out this great new feature please visit the Huntley Park District website and click on the small "weather" icon at the top of the page.  Or visit the page directly at  

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