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All Out!

1-hour of an all out(side) workout! Work towards those summer goals, get tone, and build a strong healthy foundation. Be ready to get pushed and have fun at the same time. This class will utilize various equipment as well as body weight exercises.

Boot Camp

Burn fat and build muscle with this heart rate boosting training that will increase calorie burning capacity. These workouts will be based on three fundamentals of training: endurance, strength and agility. Ground work, body weight, park features, handheld weights, medicine balls, and other equipment will be utilized.


Push yourselves through quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short active recovery periods, all while using your own body weight and various pieces of equipment.

Lite & Lively (62 and older)

Enjoy socializing with your peers while getting the kind of exercise that will help you maintain your reaching ability, strength and flexibility. Participants work at their own pace. No ground work is involved. Class will primarily take place in the shade when outdoors.

Park Pump

Utilize various areas throughout Deicke and Warrington Park to get a sweat-pumping workout! This strength and cardio-based class will have you working hard and feeling great! Weights, bands, and other equipment will be utilized.


If you feel like you've lost your fitness groove the last few months and just need it back in your life, then let's Rebound together! Our instructors will have get you going with various cardio movements and exercises to build your strength. Various equipment will be used including dumbbells, bands, steps, and mats.


There is no better way to build your endurance, shed those unwanted pounds, and push yourself to new limits than taking Spin! Our instructor will motivate you through to the finish line without a doubt, so grab your towel, feel the rhythm and let’s ride!


S.W.A.T. (Strength, Wellness & Agility Training) will incorporate high rep/light weight muscular endurance training that will help you burn fat and redefine your muscular structure utilizing your own body resistance! Each week is different and equipment will vary. Don't get too comfortable as our instructors will have you working hard!

Total Body

Expect a head-to-toe workout for 50 minutes! You'll be stronger and feeling better than ever after you've gone through this calorie-burning, cardio format!

Yoga by the Pond

This all-level yoga class will bring serenity and peace of mind to your weekly routine. Enjoy the beautiful sights of Deicke Park as we relax and recharge by the water. Mats will be used.






  • Class sizes are limited to 49 participants.
  • These classes are for MEMBERS ONLY. No daily passes or guest passes will be available for purchase by non-members.
  • Water will only be available in our facility via our hands-free bottle filler, which will require you to bring your own bottle. The Huntley Park District will not provide bottles.
  • Towels will NOT be provided by the Huntley Park District.
  • All classes will meet in the South Parking Lot of the Huntley Park District. This is the parking lot South of the REC Center and North of the small pond and Stingray Bay baseball fields.
    • You will meet with your instructor and other participants before following procedures to select the sanitized equipment you need for that day's class. 
  • When possible, please bring your own equipment. It is highly recommended to bring your own yoga mat/floor mat/blanket/towel/etc. for exercises that take place on the ground. Sanitized equipment will be available for you to use if you do not have your own.


  • Stay up to date with decisions on classes based on weather by visiting our Weather page or download the RainoutLine app! If a class is cancelled due to rain, it will NOT be made up and there will not be any indoor rainout locations available.
  • In the case that a class is cancelled, all members are encouraged to utilize the Fitness Center for the day’s workout.


  • 6' must be maintained between all participants and instructor.
  • Face masks are NOT required to be worn by participants as long as physical distance is maintained.
  • Instructors will always have a mask with them, but are not required to wear it unless 6' of physical distance cannot be maintained.
  • Equipment will NOT be shared.
  • All equipment used will have been sanitized by HPD staff prior to and after your use.

If you have any questions, please contact Matt at or call us at (847)669-3180 x 390.