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If you have any questions, please contact our Fitness Manager, Josh Norek, at jnorek@huntleyparks.org or call us at (847)669-3180 ext. 356.




Barre class is a uniquely styled workout that blends elements from different exercise styles including ballet, pilates and yoga. Barre helps strengthen and tone your muscles without increasing bulk, improves your posture, and increases flexibility.

Boot Camp

Designed to challenge participants both physically and mentally, often using bodyweight exercises, resistance bands, and other equipment. The workouts are structured to improve overall fitness, strength, endurance, and agility.

Cardio Kettlebell

Cardio kettlebell is a combination of a variety of cardiovascular routines with a strength element of kettlebell training. Each class will include abdominal work. Each class will be fun and challenging!


Circuit training is a form of body conditioning that involves strength, endurance, agility, balance, and high energy aerobic exercises performed in variety of styles with little rest. Circuit training can improve your strength and promote fitness growth.

Dance Party

Groove to your favorite songs using expressive movements and fresh styles in this upbeat dance class - with all levels and genres welcome!


Kickboxing combines martial arts techniques with fast-paced cardio through kicks, jabs, punches, drills, and agility training. Build stamina, improve coordination, and burn calories with this fun and challenging workout.

Lite & Lively (62 and older)

Enjoy socializing with your peers while getting the kind of exercise that will help you maintain your reaching ability, strength and flexibility. Participants work at their own pace. No ground work is involved.


There is no better way to build your endurance, shed those unwanted pounds, and push yourself to new limits than taking Spin! Our instructor will motivate you through to the finish line without a doubt, so grab your towel, feel the rhythm and let’s ride!


This class is designed to increase physical strength through weight bearing and resistance training with use of free weights, resistance bands, medicine balls, body bars, etc. All fitness levels are welcome. 

Total Body Sculpt

Join us for a new total body workout experience, incorporating various equipment to shape and tone muscles. With moves changing weekly, this dynamic workout will target different muscle groups for a comprehensive sculpting session.

Total Body Toning

This class will target all major muscle groups. Using a variety of equipment and bodyweight exercises, this class aims to sculpt and strengthen your entire body while improving flexibility and endurance. Suitable for all fitness levels, expect a challenging yet rewarding session that will leave you feeling energized.

Yoga Morning Flow

This flow is designed to wake your body up and targets a full body stretch. An incorporation of the sun salutation cycles and dynamic vinyasa flow will leave you feeling energized and grounded for your day ahead!

Yoga Vinyasa

This blended flow focuses on dynamic strength and deep restorative stretching. The beginning of the class will focus on generating heat in the major muscle groups, and the second half will focus on grounding yin postures to release tension in the joints and surrounding tissue.