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All Out!

50-minutes of an all out workout! Work towards your goals, get tone, and build a strong healthy foundation. Be ready to get pushed and have fun at the same time. This class will utilize various equipment as well as body weight exercises.


Barre class is a uniquely styled workout that blends elements from different exercise styles including ballet, pilates, and yoga. Barre helps strengthen and tone your muscles without increasing bulk, improves your posture, and increases flexibility.


We’ve got you moving around the room from station-to-station, performing a variety of exercises, and giving 100%  effort. This up-tempo class is a fun way to mix up your workout routine!

Coach's Choice

Get ready for the element of surprise! Each class format will be determined by the instructor and will be different each day. Formats include strength, core, stretching, and mind body!


Fitball is the perfect 50-minute double workout, combining high intensity cardio with muscle and core conditioning. Participants utilize both exercise ball and mini balls to engage multiple muscle groups. Unique body movements add a different element to your workout!


We’ve taken a few of your favorite formats and combined  them into one! Barre, Pilates, and Yoga are just a few of the styles you’ll see merged together to create this incredible 50-minute workout!

Lite & Lively (62 and older)

Enjoy socializing with your peers while getting the kind of exercise that will help you maintain your reaching ability, strength and flexibility. Participants work at their own pace. No ground work is involved.


Get ready to sweat with this effective fat burning and body toning class! Shed those unwanted calories in no time and enjoy this cardio/strength thriller!


There is no better way to build your endurance, shed those unwanted pounds, and push yourself to new limits than taking Spin! Our instructor will motivate you through to the finish line without a doubt, so grab your towel, feel the rhythm and let’s ride!

Step & Sweat

We’re combining step movements with various circuit exercises in this sweat-pumping workout! Get ready to move!


S.W.A.T. (Strength, Wellness & Agility Training) will incorporate high rep/light weight muscular endurance training that will help you burn fat and redefine your muscular structure utilizing your own body resistance! Each week is different and equipment will vary. Don't get too comfortable as our instructors will have you working hard!

T.G.I.F! (The Goal Is Fitness!)

End your week feeling strong, energized, and accomplished, with a variety mixup workout designed with your goals in mind.

Yoga Flow

Relax and recharge while sculpting the body. The Vinyasa, dynamic style of Yoga moves through poses with ease and grace while increasing the length and depth of each movement. All poses may be modified to accommodate participants of varying skill levels. Bring your own mat.





  • If you do not intend to attend a class (even if it's last minute), please remove yourself from the class list. With limited space per class, we ask that everyone is courteous of others who may wish to join the class in your place.
    • *You may do this by simply going to the schedule, scroll down to that class, find your name, and hit the green X underneath your name. This will remove you from the class and open a spot for someone else to take.
  • Towels will NOT be provided by the Huntley Park District.
  • Members may bring their own yoga mat/floor mat/blanket/towel/etc. if they wish to use one for exercises that take place on the ground. The Huntley Park District will provide their own mats to be used during group exercise classes as well. We ask that members wipe down their equipment after class use.

If you have any questions, please contact our Fitness Supervisor, Meredith Johnson, at mjohnson@huntleyparks.org or call us at (847)669-9880.