Sports Fields

Sports fields are located throughout the Huntley Park District for use by organized sports programs provided by the Huntley Park District and approved and permitted sports organizations.  Use of fields by organized teams is strictly prohibited unless permitted and insured.  When fields are not reserved for Park District or other approved sports organizations, they are available to individuals of the general public.  As a general rule, if you arrive to a baseball field and see that it has chalked lines, that field is setup for a game that day and is closed to the public.  The following public schedule will be updated regularly to show when certain fields are available to the public.

Baseball/Softball Fields available for public use at the following times:  

Monday - Friday:  Sunrise till 4:00p and 8p till sunset (All Baseball Fields)

Mondays: Kiley Field from Sunrise till Sunset

Tuesdays:  Kiley Field from Sunrise to Sunset

Thursdays: Kiley Field from Sunrise to Sunset

Fridays: Kiley Field from Sunrise to Sunset

Saturdays:  Kiley Field from Sunrise to Sunset and Weiss Field after 5 PM till sunset

Sundays:  Kiley Field from Sunrise to Sunset and Weiss Field after 5 PM till sunset

The availability above is for the month of May and June 2021.  The schedule is subject to change without notice by permitted users.  All permitted users are require to carry their permit with them.

Batting Cages

In 2019, the Huntley Park District brings four new batting cages to the community located at both Stingray Bay and Warrington baseball fields! All batting cage equipment was paid for by funds donated by Huntley Little League organization.

Batting Cages available for public use at the following times:

Monday – Friday:  Sunrise till 4:00p and 8p till sunset

Saturdays: Sunrise till 9:00a and 5:00p till sunset

Sundays:  Sunrise till 9:00a and 5:00p till sunset

Use of batting cages during public times is strictly for individuals and, like our sports fields, may not be used by organized groups without a permit and proof of insurance. When people are waiting, please spend no longer than 15 minutes in the in the cage at a time.

Weather-Related Cancellations

The cancellation of athletic activities and closing of any athletic facilities due to inclement weather or other conditions will be determined by Huntley Park District staff. Every attempt will be made to make this determination in advance and notification will be posted up to one hour prior to the start of any athletic event.

Within 60 minutes of the start time of any event, determination may need to be made on site based on current weather and field conditions. If HPD staff is present they will make the final determination on event and field status. If there is no HPD staff at a particular site, the determination should be made by the assigned game official (umpire, referee, etc.) or by mutual agreement of the head coaches for league that do not utilize game officials.

Cancellations for Huntley Park District programs related to weather can be found on the Rainout LineFor all other organizations who may be using our fields including, but not limited to, Huntley Little League, Huntley Blue, Raiders Baseball Academy, Red Raiders Fastpitch, or Heat United Soccer Club, each organization has their own communication method for their activities.  Please contact your team representative for cancellation information related to these, and other, outside organizations.