Why Do We Close Fields?

For the safety of participants, coaches, and officials, as well as the facilities themselves, the Park District occasionally has to close fields, courts and other facilities due to conditions caused by weather or other unexpected emergencies. Decisions made by the Park District in regards to facility and field closures are final. Coaches, referees, officials, and organizations using our fields must practice good judgment and cancel practices and games when fields are closed and should exit fields when conditions deteriorate to a point where the safety of participants or damage to the field is likely. Some examples of conditions requiring field closure include:

  • Standing puddles of water on the field

  • Ground is water logged and squishy

  • A footstep leaves an impression in the turf

  • Grass is easily dislodged from the ground

  • Field is frozen

  • Lightning

  • Any use that proves to be destructive or detrimental to the quality of the field for future use

We understand that cancelling a game because of a wet field can be frustrating, but it is important that all people using our fields understand that being cautious during marginal conditions will ensure that the field is more likely to remain in a playable condition for the rest of the season.