Code of Conduct for Sports Participation

The Huntley Park District has adopted this general Code of Conduct for all programs. Participants are expected to exhibit appropriate behavior at all times, including, but not limited to the following:

  1. Show respect to all participants and staff.
  2. Refrain from use of foul language.
  3. Show respect for equipment and facilities.
  4. Dress appropriately for activities.

​Sports conduct and expectations

  1. The Huntley Park District offers Recreational Sports Activities. Standings are generally not kept, there are no all-stars, this is not a professional sports league.
  2. It is our expectation that parents and other adults set the example for our children. Please let the coaches coach, please let the officials officiate, and please let the kids play. If you have a concern with a call by an official, a decision from a coach, or the behavior of another fan, please do not react in a way that is disruptive or inappropriate. This could mean yelling at a coach, player or official. It could mean using offensive, threatening, or intimidating words or gestures. Please refer to Item #3 below when you may have these concerns.
  3. “The 24 hour rule” – As a general rule, if you are truly upset about something that happened at your child’s sporting activity please observe the 24-hour rule. Simply wait 24-hours to reflect on the situation, how your perspective may have been different than those you conflict with, then, if still necessary, contact the program supervisor about your concern. Addressing these topics in the heat of the moment typically does not lead to a productive discussion.
  4. Parents, coaches, players and all other spectators are expected to cheer on their players and team but please leave the coaching to the coaches. Phrases that give direction to a player in a game should be avoided as it creates confusion and may very likely go against instructions coaches have given to the children. Phrases such as “run there,” “pass it,” “Shoot it,” etc. should be avoided. Phrases such as “nice play,” “great job,” “Great pass,” etc. are encouraged.
  5. Most Huntley Park District sports programs rely on the use of volunteer coaches. Coaches are volunteers and are not expected to be babysitters during practices or games. Parents should remain on premises during these activities to manage the behavior of their children unless arrangements have been made with another adult to watch your child and notify you if there is an injury or a sudden cancellation (weather) in practice. We are grateful that our coaches volunteer for the benefit of the children, but please don’t take advantage of this. Injuries are certainly possible in sports. Don’t leave your child, or their coach, in an uncomfortable situation if emergency care is needed.
  6. Park District and other facility staff are on duty during games and in certain sports/location practices. Please follow posted facility rules and listen to instruction of staff. Generally they are on duty for your safety and to ensure a pleasant experience. They are also on duty at offsite locations such as school facilities to ensure our participants stay in designated areas. We are guests at these locations and have the privilege of using these facilities. Please help us keep this privilege.
  7. Referees are generally third-party independent contractors. They are certified to provide the services they are hired for. With any sport officials will be more proficient and experienced than others. Where many other sports programs have chosen not to have certified officials at games, we see the value for our participants both in terms of safety and learning in having them. The purpose of having referees at “Recreational Sports Activities” are to teach the children how the flow of a game will go with stoppages, fouls, and to teach children the limits of the rules. At the highest level of any sport, referees will make mistakes. This may truly be a mistake, or it may simply be that you had a different perspective on the situation. All parties including coaches, players, spectators, and parents are expected to treat the officials with respect. Individuals who yell at refs, threaten refs, or otherwise disrupt a game may be removed by the official, the coach, or park district staff. Continued disruptive behavior may also result in permanent removal of the individual from the program and in extreme cases, even their child. If there is a situation where you or your coach don’t agree with an official, please use it as a learning experience with your child and make it a positive learning experience. Life isn’t perfect, mistakes will happen. At the end of game, and certainly a season, the calls all even themselves out.

Huntley is a vibrant sports community with many great amenities and offerings. Please help our community be a leader in youth sports activities.

Please also observe the posted rules and park ordinances as they apply to outdoor sports venues