Huntley Park District partners with the Dixon Dance Academy to offer studio dance classes at the Huntley Park District.  Please see the descriptions below of the variety of classes that are offered.  Recital session begins in January and continues through the Spring.

HtlyPDDnc-GrpDH065_006Creative Dance: These classes offer movement activities for beginner dancers and concentrate on pre-ballet. Creative 2 & 3 add introduction to tap.  Leotard, tights and ballet shoes are required for Creative 1. In addition, Creative 2 & 3 will need tap shoes.

Combo Classes: Combination classes include an introduction to formal ballet instruction along with 30 minutes of tap. Leotards, tights, ballet and tap shoes are required.

Kids Pop: This class is a precursor to jazz and hip-hop. Students will learn how to manage formations and beginner hip-hop and jazz steps. Tight fitting dance attire, jazz or white soled gym shoes are required.

Jazz: Jazz classes consist of isolated warm-ups, technical progressions, and graded combinations. Tight fitting dance attire and jazz shoes are required.


Dance with Me: Young students with one participating adult will be introduced to stretches balance, basic dance movements and rhythm in this course while motor development is promoted. Comfortable dance attire and ballet shoes required. This class will not participate in the spring recital.

Ballet: Ballet classes teach the fundamentals of barre and center work using various styles and techniques. Ballet classes help students to acquire correct body placement and are a precursor for proper development in all other forms of dance. Leotard, tights and ballet shoes are required.

To learn more about the Dixon Dance Academy please check out their website.

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