The following information was compiled for the Huntley Park District Board of Commissioners and Staff to review completed projects by several planning providers that are being considered for like services at the Huntley Park District.  This is for reference only.


Option 1 - GovHR / aQity / Planning Resources, Inc. (Strategic Plan / Survey / Master Plan respectively)

Morton Grove Park District - Strategic Plan Document (GovHR - Chuck Balling)

Morton Grove Park District - Master Plan Document (Planning Resources, Inc. - Darrel Garrison)


Option 2 - PROS Consulting (Neelay Bhatt) / ETC Institute for survey

Channahon Park District - Strategic Master Plan Document

Channahon Park District - Final Presentation Video (nice to look at the final presentation to their board during COVID so this is nice for you to see)

Channahon Park District - Other Technical Reports

*City of Freemont, CA - Strategic Master Plan Document

*This is a much larger community than Huntley but this was suggested by PROS as it is the most recent project that has all components of our request


Option 3 - Hitchcock Design Group (Steve Konters) / ETC Institute for survey

St. Charles Park District - Comprehensive Master Plan Document

City of Lake Forest Park and Recreation Department - Master Plan Document