Birthday Party FAQ

Q: What is the cost for birthday parties at the REC?

A: You can invite up to 20 children, including the birthday child. Birthday party rates are $175 for residents/$200 for non-residents and is $5 for each additional child. 

Q: What rooms are available for birthday parties?

A: Depending on the size of the party, a variety of rooms may be available. Usually 2 rooms will be used for a birthday party. One room is used for presents and food. The other room is used for games and activities. Please email Stephanie, speters@huntleyparks.org with the specific date(s) you are looking for to see what rooms are available.

Q: Do you provide staff to run the birthday parties?

A: Yes. Each party has 1-2 birthday party leaders who will help setup, decorate, assist with food/drinks, cleanup, and run the games/activities. Parents are responsible for behavioral issues and discipline.

Q: What do you provide for the party and what are we responsible for?

A: We provide the room, tables/chairs, tablecloths, streamers, balloons, birthday party signs, and cleanup. You are responsible for food/drinks, plates, napkins, silverware, and any additional decorations you’d like.

Q: Can we come ahead of time to help setup and decorate?

A: You are welcome to come 30 minutes before the start of your birthday party. 

Q: What games/activities do you offer for the birthday parties?

A: Some of the games have included: basketball, dodgeball, kickball, relay races, potato sack races, parachute games, musical chairs, pin the tail on the donkey, soccer, etc. If your child has a specific game he/she would like to play, please address this when making the party reservation. 

Q:  How does payment work?

A: Payment is due in full at least 1 week before the birthday party date. Once the fee has been added to your household account, you may pay over the phone by Visa or MasterCard (847-669-3180 ext. 0) or pay in person at the REC Center Registration Office by cash, check or credit card.