It's Showtime of Huntley

Huntley Park District is pleased to present a community theater production program presented by It’s Showtime of Huntley.  It’s Showtime of Huntley is a unique volunteer-driven theater troupe that is led by the Theater Advisory Committee and Huntley Park District staff.
Production schedules and registration information will be posted on this page seasonally as production shows, auditions, and performances are determined.  All productions will be held at the Cosman Cultural Center.
For more information on this activity please contact the Program Supervisor at (847) 669-3180 Ext. 352.

It's Showtime of Huntley News

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Audition Roles and Age Ranges

Study the script:

Jasmine or Aladdin





Mother of Aladdin


Audition Dates: April 1 & 2
Audition Times:  6:30 pm

Children's Auditions: April 6 at 10 am

Children's Script Excerpt to Study

Callbacks:  April 3
Callback Times:  TBD


Show Dates: June 14, 15, 16 & June 21, 22, 23
Show Times:  TBD



Audition Dates: June 3 & 4
Audition Times:  TBD

Callbacks:  June 5
Callback Times:  TBD

Show Dates: August 23, 24, & 25
Show Times:  TBD


It's Showtime of Huntley thrives because of community volunteers. Volunteers are needed to aide in production, as well as serve on our advisory committee. Below are some descriptions of current vacant positions.

Stage Manager 

It’s Showtime Theatre of Huntley, the resident theater company of the Huntley Park District, is seeking a Stage Manager for the upcoming production Aladdin. The person in this role will assist the director in recording blocking and tech notes during the rehearsal period, and running the production from backstage once it opens. This is the Director’s right hand person and will play a roll in the overall artistic vision of the show. This is a great position for someone who wants to direct for It’s Showtime in the future. Aladdin auditions in April and performs in June. The Director is Jeff Cook. 

Artistic Director 
(musical theater revue Passport to Broadway)

The Artistic Director will play an integral part of shaping the Broadway cabaret – from casting to song selections and staging.  Passport to Broadway auditions in June for the live show taking place August 23, 24 & 25. Seasoned and new directing talents are both encouraged to apply. Submit resumes and cover letters to Stephanie Peters. For questions reach Stephanie at (847) 669-3180 ext. 352.

Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee works hand-in-hand with the Park District to offer live theater productions to the community in the beautiful Cosman Theater. Advisory Committee members collaborate on selecting productions and production dates for each year, engaging in fundraising endeavors, assisting with staffing decisions, contributing time and expertise to each production, and generally molding the theatre’s legacy. It’s Showtime Theatre of Huntley was founded to enrich the community by presenting quality theatrical productions at an affordable price. If that mission rings home with you, then please consider submitting a resume and cover letter to Stephanie Peters. For questions reach Stephanie at (847) 669-3180 ext. 352.