Starfish Swimming Lessons at Stingray Bay


The Huntley Park District is an independent authorized provider of Starfish Swimming. Starfish Swimming is a nationally recognized swim instruction curriculum developed by the Starfish Aquatics Institute (SAI). the Starfish Swimming Program combines both swimming and water safety skill development by providing effective color awards of achievement to swimmers as their skills advance. the curriculum begins with StarBabies/StarTots, and transitions into the five levels Starfish Swim School, and finally advances to Starfish Stroke School.

Choosing the Appropriate Level

Stingray Bay provides lessons based on skill level, not age. If your child participated in swim lessons at Stingray Bay in 2018, we have record of which levels were completed and whether or not he/she passed. Please note that each child will have different abilities and will learn at their own pace. The instructors and Lessons Manager do their best to accommodate each participant's skill level and individual needs. 

Starfish Swimming Group Sessions

Group lessons provide affordable instruction with the added benefit of group dynamics. Group swim lessons are offered in a variety of sessions. Each summer, we offer 4 sessions of morning swim lessons, 2 sessions of evening swim lessons, and one 6-week session of Saturday Lessons. Classes range from 30 minutes to 40 minutes.

Starfish Swimming Private Lessons

Private lessons incorporate the same Starfish Swimming skill development as our group lessons. More information about private swim lessons can be found in our summer brochure!

Saturday Morning Starfish Swimming Lessons

Stingray Bay will be offering a 6-week Saturday morning swim lesson session. Prices for Saturday Morning Session and schedule can be found in our summer brochure!

Cancellation and Make-up

Lessons may be instructed in cool and windy weather. The pool water is kept at 82 degrees, but may vary due to weather conditions. Lessons are only cancelled due to severe weather. All cancellations and updates will be made through the Park District's Rainout Line website, that you may visit by clicking here.

For easy access to weather updates and cancellations, download the Rainout Line App, or subscribe to email/text alerts.

In cases of inclement weather, Stingray Bay swim lessons host 1-2 make-up classes if needed. These classes immediately follow the session.

More Information?

For more information regarding Starfish Swimming Lessons such as level options and session schedules check out our Summer Brochure. For additional information, please contact the Aquatic Supervisor. 


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