Pinecrest has many golf leagues that are always looking for new members. A league is a great way to meet new friends, enjoy a little competitive atmosphere (but not too competitive), and a way to make sure you get out and play golf at least once a week.

Below is a list of our leagues and a brief description of each. Most of the leagues are run by their own officers, but a few are run by Pinecrest. Included in the description will be a contact person if you are interested in maybe joining the league, give the people running the league a call to find out more about it.


Ladies League-18 Holes

This women’s league starts at 8:00 in the morning, with tee times consecutive off of the 1st tee. The league starts in early May and runs through September. The contact person for this league is Joyce Marnell, and she can be reached at 847-287-1365 or

Monday 18 Hole Senior League

This league will be run by Pinecrest. It will start at 12:00 with tee times consecutive off the 1st tee. The entry fee is $100, with the prizes paid back in cash. The league starts May 5th and will end on September 29th. For a complete overview of the league, give the pro shop a call at 847-669-3111. 

Ladies Lite League

Following the lead of the PGA and their goal to get more people involved in golf, we are starting up this league for those who are looking for something a little lighter-4 holes only, very affordable, very little competition, and basically a start in golf. It will be run by Pinecrest and will start at 2:00 every Monday afternoon.The option to play 9 holes has been added for those wanting to advance to playing more holes. The 9 hole players will tee off the beginning tee times, and the 4 hole players after that. Tom Larsen, PGA apprentice, will run the league. The league starts with instruction on May 11 and 18, and play will start June 1 and go through August. For more information, contact the pro shop at 847-669-3111.


Tuesday Night League

This league starts at 3:30 on Tuesdays, and is an individual, not a team league.  It alternates front and back nines each week.  This league starts in the middle of April and runs thru the end of September.  If this fits your schedule and you are interested in joining, please call or Earl Donoho at 847-669-8274 or Carlton Brown at 847-622-8635.

Divot Diggers

This is a two man team league (if you are a single player they will help you find a partner) that starts at 5:00 each Tuesday evening and alternates nines each week. This league starts early April and runs through the end of August. If you are interested in joining this league, contact Mike Browning at, Joe Clark 815-477-2729,, or Tom Larsen at 847-989-6457.


Wednesday Night League

This is a four person per team, 10 team league. You do not have to have a team to join this league, as each team is always looking for subs or permanent players. They tee off of the 1st and 10th tees starting at 5:00. It runs from early April through August. If you have any interest in playing in this league please contact Marv Warner at 224-595-4859, or Harold Kively at 815-385-2881.


Thursday Night League

This is a five person per team, 8 team league. You do not have to have a team to join this league, as they are always welcoming new league members. This league tees off at 4:15, and alternates playing the front and the back nine each week and runs from early April through August. If you are interested in joining this league, call Don Trede at 847-683-3770,

Duffer's League

This is an individual, not a team league. They tee off at 4:30 on Thursdays, and alternate playing the front and the back nine each week. This league runs from early April through August. If you are interested, contact Blaine Jaehnig at 847-217-2435 or Larry Lombardo at 815-739-9596.


Friday Night Couples League

This league is open to any male/female couple, not just married couples. The league starts in early May and runs through the end of August. It is a very non-competitive league but there are events each week geared towards fun. The tee times start at 4:30 and play is mostly on the front nine. If you are interested, please call the pro shop at 847-669-3111 or email:

PGA Junior League

The PGA Junior League is for the more advanced junior player, not for the beginner. The team is made up of 12 players, and play matches against some of the other area teams. They meet at Pinecrest every Thursday in May and June, receive instruction, and "on course" practice.The matches are played on Sundays in June, with the final event in the middle of July. This is open only for juniors aged 8-13. If you have a junior who fits this bill and would like to join the most exciting junior event that has swept through the U.S. in the last few decades, call to enroll now. Tom Larsen is the leader of the league and can be reached at 847-669-3111 or

Thanks for your past support and once again let us know, one way or the other, of your plans for playing in the league this year.