Camp Registration will now begin on Wednesday, June 17.  Due to the current closure of the Park District, there will be no in-person registration option until July 6.  Instead we will offer fax, email and online registration.  A few comments on each of these.  Staff will be on hand to directly answer phones Monday through Friday from 8:00a-12:30p to troubleshoot any online questions you may have.  You can reach our staff these days at (847) 669-3180 x. 1.

  1. Online registration will be the most-effective way, and the only “real time” way to register for camp.
  2. Fax and email registrations will be accepted but please understand it takes staff time to retrieve these and manually enter these.  Staff will be on duty to answer phone calls the first two days of registration so depending upon the volume of calls, emails and fax registrations will not get checked immediately.  This may create a situation where online registrations are coming in and fill a program.  We strongly recommend online registration and that you become familiar with the steps BEFORE June 17.
  3. Fax and email registrations will not be accepted before 8:00a on Wednesday, June 17.  Please do not submit before this time.  You can fax to (847) 669-2836.  You can email to 
  4. To download the camp registration forms in order to fax or email you can download those forms HERE.


  • We have prepared a series of instructional videos to show you each step of creating an account if you don’t have one, and how to register online if you are unfamiliar with the process.  You can view them HERE.

How_to_create_an_account2        How_to_register_for_day_camp2

  • The most important thing will be to know your login information BEFORE June 17.  Please try to login HERE and if you are having trouble please contact our office at 847-669-3180 x. 1 or email us at and we can send this information to you.  As staff are currently working remotely, it takes time to retrieve the messages and respond.  We strongly suggest you do this no later than Thursday, April 9 to ensure an adequate response.
  • Please note, if you have done any business, in-person or online, with the Huntley Park District since 2016 you have an account.  Please do not request to create a new account as this will slow down and complicate the registration process and may delay your registration.  Please contact us for your login information.


  • Registration begins on Wednesday, June 17 and closes two weeks prior to the start of each camp week, or when camps become full.
  • Registration must be done online, by fax, or by email.
  • Children will be registered according to the grade they will enter in the Fall of 2020.
  • Children must be potty-trained.
  • There is a $25.00 non-refundable deposit per week, per child, due at time of registration. (The $25.00 will be used towards the balance due on each session.)
  • The payment of the remaining balance will be auto debited from a credit, debit, or ACH account on the Tuesday before each camp session begins.
  • Unless paying IN FULL, all camp registrations REQUIRE an automatic payment method on file. If you wish to pay by check or cash, you still must have a valid automatic payment method on file, but you can pre-pay in person at the Huntley Park District before the Tuesday before camp starts.
  • Your payments and the credit card on file must be kept current. If not kept current, your child’s fee may not be paid on time and you may possibly forfeit their spot in camp.
  • If you wish to pre-pay for the camp you may do so at our main office before the automatic payment hits the Tuesday before each camp session begins.
  • A valid credit card or ACH must be on file in case you do not pre-pay on-time.
  • Any payments that are declined or returned may be assessed a $25 fee.
  • Registrations must have one payment method. We are unable to take multiple payment methods for each registration.
  • All cancellations must be made in writing. No verbal cancellations will be accepted. Refunds will only be given to those cancellations made at least 2 weeks prior to session start date. (Camp fee minus $25 deposit=refund)
  • Campers will NOT be allowed to attend Monday if camp payments are not current.
  • No refunds will be issued after the start of each camp session unless accompanied by a doctor's note.
  • No refunds or credits will be given for days your child does not attend camp.  If child does not attend due to a COVID-19 related reason we will issue a refund in these cases with a doctor's note.
  • We are unable to prorate fees for days missed.
  • Once registered for camp you will receive an email from ePact.  ePact is a system that is used to collect important information on each camper including medical needs, other special accommodation requests, authorized individuals to pick up your child and other important emergency contact information.  THIS MUST BE COMPLETED BEFORE THE FIRST DAY OF CAMP.  If you have used this system before, please also follow the link you will receive to review and update your contact information.  Children will not be admitted to camp without providing this information.


ePACT provides the world’s only Private Personal Emergency RecordTM (PPER) that lets families enter all their critical health and emergency data online, and then securely share it with the Huntley Park District.

  • Families own their PPER, enter their data ONCE, and share it program-after-program, year-after-year. If families update information, authorized staff are immediately alerted.
  • Meet government data requirements with this compliant system (HIPAA, PIPEDA, GDPR), which provides secure access to all the data you need day-to-day and in a crisis.

​The ePact system is used to authorize individuals to pickup your child.  You have control over this and only you can update this.  This summer ePACT is providing a "touchless" option for pickup.  More details to be shared when available.  Please expect to have a smart phone when picking up and dropping off.  If this requirement is an issue for you please contact our office to work out other arrangements.

Families own their PPERTM!
Securely store your family’s critical emergency and health data online, then connect and share it with friends, relatives, and organizations that you trust.

The PPERTM is YOUR individual or family account where you enter and securely store all your critical data. You then connect and share it with the friends and relatives who act as emergency contacts (e.g. nanny, neighbor), and the Huntley Park District.

No matter the situation – an injury at the gym, an evacuation at the Rec Center, or simply a late bus from camp – ePACT ensures you’re connected and that data and communications are always available.