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Recreation for Generations

Deicke Park

Edwin Deicke, Lima Tessendorf, Edward Piske, Michael Kiley, and Irv Wasserstrass served as the first Board of Commissioners of the Park District, which was founded in April of 1965. Their first meetings were held at the Deicke residence, known then and now as Sun Valley Farm, which is located on West Main Street. At these meetings they planned what they were going to do for the community. Many other Park Commissioners have been elected and have served on the Park Board. They were: Frank Parisek, Ed Ream, Harley Makeben, John Tures, Bill Ruth, Len Bohart, Mary Jo Mercer, and Wendell Weltzien, Tom Jurs, Darryl Gurnett, Charles Olsen, Dan Woodcook, Graham Knott, Barry Borchart, Sandra Wright and Clark Borhart, Robert Tures. The current park board members are President Dr. William Awe, Paul Lefleur, Jerry Nepermann, Susan Dunlap, and Jim Blasky.

The main founders of the park district were Mr. Edwin Deicke and his wife Lois. They donated $35,000 to purchase part of Donahue’s Woods on the West side of Route 47. After they bought the land they donated it to the Park District. Mr. Edwin Deicke served as one of the first board members and remained an honoree Commissioner until his death in 1984. On December 31, 1999, the day before the year 2000, Mrs. Deicke passed away. Edwin Deicke donated 28 acres of land on Route 47. This park was then named Deicke Park. Inside Deicke Park there is over 1 miles worth of jogging paths around the perimeter of the park. Also there is a baseball diamond donated by Del Webb. There are sand volleyball courts, basketball courts, four picnic shelters, an over-sized pond, two playground areas, and a log cabin.