Staff Listing

Administration Phone: 847-669-3180 Fax: 847-669-2836
Thomas Palmer, Executive Director Ext. 350
Alyce Johnson, Executive Assistant Ext. 321
Finance/Human Resources Phone: 847-669-3180 Fax: 847-515-3209

Laura Pisarcik, Finance Director                      

Crystal Varney, HR & Risk Manager


Anne Zanella, Accounting Manager


Nancy Sprouse, Register/Facility Manager



Ext. 412


Ext. 413


Ext. 414


Ext. 301



Debbie Kraus, Recreation Director Ext. 310
Connie Lombard, Preschool Director Ext. 314
Ryan Coffland, Athletic Supervisor Ext. 318
Matt Szytz , Fitness Supervisor Ext. 311
Heather Matteson, Youth Recreation Manager Ext. 316
Meredith Johnson, Recreation Supervisor Ext. 313
Marissa Sopchyk, Program/Aquatic Supervisor Ext. 352

Todd Weber, Recreation Supervisor





Parks and Facilities Phone: 847-669-3180 Fax: 847-669-9395
Paul Ostrander, Parks & Facilities Director

Ext. 333

Mike Veague, Facilities Manager
Ext. 320
Pinecrest Golf Club Phone: 847-669-3111 Fax: 847-669-3846

Brad Hisel, General Manager/Director of Golf Ext. 15
Tom Larsen, PGA Golf Instructor Ext. 10
Tony Miranda, Superintendent of Grounds  
Pinecrest Restaurant and Banquets Phone: 847-669-1400  
Amy Bozza, Banquet & Event Coordinator Ext. 26