12015 Mill Street Huntley, IL 60142
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Ol’ Timers Park

Ol’ Timers Park

Jan 8, 2013

Name: Ol’ Timers Park

Date opened to the public: Early 1980′s

History: Ol’ Timers Park is named after Timer Bakley.  Timer was a developer and had a construction company for many years in Huntley.   The land that the park sits on was a donation by Timer Bakley.   They are a well known family and were instrumental to the development of Huntley.  Ol’ Timers Park is approximately 16.5 acres.

Location/Subdivision: 10700 Church St.

Amenities: Picnic shelter, 2 playgrounds, walking trail, sand volleyball, baseball field, open recreational space, natural area, and a small creek.

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Ol'TimersOl'Timers playgroundOl'Timers shelter